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DLee25 Mar 21st 2008 2:36 pm

March Madness Thread
Well, first round is going on as we speak. Started yesterday...

not sure iif you guys have watched but the drake game was a heartbreaker.

I am from Iowa and I was a fan of them in this tournament. Great season, not only that but they dont have the money like a lot of other college teams to give scholarships, so a lot of players are walkons and then earn their scholarships.

Great game anyways...

BigZ38 Mar 22nd 2008 7:46 pm

Duke was obviously overmatched today and should have lost against Belmont.

DLee25 Mar 22nd 2008 8:48 pm


Originally Posted by BigZ38 (Post 45885)
Duke was obviously overmatched today and should have lost against Belmont.

I laughed. Duke is garbage.

Cubbies10 Mar 28th 2008 8:27 pm

Only just noticed this thread, just finished watching the Wisconsin v Davidson game, and being a new fan of Davidson i am thrilled right now. Go to the elite 8 to play either Kansas or Villanova, will take either the way we are playing right now.

Curry looks like a superstar in the making, he draws the defense, shoots the jumper from anywhere, runs the baseline, hits the 3 and will force into the paint. Lovedale does a good job inside and works the boards. They played some high court pressure defense tonight and tired Wisconsin down into making bad shots and they kept them out the paint.


Cubbies10 Mar 29th 2008 12:40 pm

SO next up for Davidson is Kansas, now that will be a hard game, they are really going to have tighten the defense to stop Kansas, and also we will have to keep setting the screens to get Richardson and Curry open. Its going to be a good test and we have come this far so no reason why we could go further...........

Anyone watching the Xavier v UCLA game tonight? should be a good game and im actually gonna go with Xavier on this one, i like the team they have, work well.

Cubbies10 Mar 31st 2008 2:25 am

What can i say, we gave it a shot and come up 1 shot short. Kansas did a nice job defensively, they doubled up on Curry and unfortunately with secounds to go Richards couldn't hit the shot, lost 57-59

Should be a good final four though with all 1 seeds, i have UCLA and UNC progressing to the final and then UNC to come out on top.

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