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ryno4ever May 26th 2007 12:33 pm

Songs and clips
Okay, I finally got around to actuallly writing down my songs and clips as promised earlier. Some are duplilcates because of the formats (.mp3/.wma) My only requirement before i send them out... you must have at least 20 posts on fogpog!

1. The 1984 National League Playoff Game 1 highlights
* Harry calls a Bobby Dernier home run
* Harry calls a another home run
* Gary Matthews 3 run home run
* Ron Cey Home Run
* Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams saves the game

2. 1989 Division Clincher (as called by Harry Caray)

3. 1989 Mark Grace homers to sweep the Mets 6-4

4. 1989 Mark Grace gets hit by a pitch and incites a bench clearing brawl

5. 1989 Mark Grace homer

6. 1989 Mitch Williams strikes out the side to beat the Phillies on Opening Day

7. Kathy and Judy at the Cubs Convention 2005
* Mike Bilecki
* Glendon Rusch
* Ryan Dempster
* Todd Walker

8. Kathy and Judy at the Cubs Convention 2006
* Mike Bilecki
* Ryan Dempster
* Scott Eyre
* Juan Pierre
* Rick Sutcliffe

9. 2007 John Williams/ David Kaplan at Cubs Convention “Meet the Cubs Management”
* Jim Hendry
* Lou Pinella
* Randy Bush

10. 2007 Cubs Convention Sports Central 2
* Lou Pinella
* Jim Hendry
* Pat Hughes
* Ron Santo

11. 2007 Cubs Convention Sports Central, Segment 3
* Kerry Wood
* Mark Prior
* Carlos Zambrano
* Ted Lilly

12. 2007 Kathy and Judy Cubs Convention
* Mike Bilecki
* Sean Marshall
* Ryan Theriot
* Neal Cotts

13. 2007 Sports Central Cubs Convention Segment 1
* Mark DeRosa
* Scott Eyre
* Ryan Dempster

14. April 3, 2006 Opening Day vs. Reds
* Walker doubles
*Murton hits 3 run homer
* Pagan gets an RBI base hit
* Walker gets an RBI base hit
* Lee gets an RBI doulbe
* Dempster closes it out for a win 16-7

15. April 5, 2005
* Lee RBI base hit
* Aramis hit’s an RBI double
* Lee another RBI double
* Aramis hit’s a 2 run homer

16. April 8, 2006 * Barrett 2 run homer
* Lee homers

17. April 9, 2006
* Jones 3 run homer (his first Cubs homer)
* Barrett’s Grand Slam off Isringhausen

18. April 24, 2006
* Murton singles to tie the game
* Jones homers to take the lead

19. April 27, 2005 (Comeback vs. Reds)
* Lopez from Reds hit’s a Grand Slam (6-1 lead in 3rd)
* Lee hit’s a 3 run homer
* Lee hit’s his 2nd 3 run homer to tie
* Corey Patterson walk off homer

20. August 7, 2004 (Maddux 300th win)
* Walker RBI triple in a comeback
* Corey Patterson 2 run homer to take the lead
* Hawkins saves it

21. August 18, 2004 (extra innings)
* Corey Patterson homers

22. August 25, 2004
* Paul Bako homers
* Moises Alou homers
* Corey Patterson walk off homer

23. Ernie Banks 500th home run

24. September 15th, 2004(back to back to back Jacks)
* Lee homers
* Sosa Homers
*Barrett homers
* Neifi homers
* Sammy hit’s a grand slam

25. Come on, Let’s Play Two (song)

26. You’re My Cubs (song)

27. Cubs Clinch the NL Central

28. Walker walks in the winning run to Sweep the White Sox

29. A Dying Cub Fans Last Request (song)

30. Everybody Loves the Cubs (song)

31. Finally Next Year (song)

32. Go Cubbies Cubbies (song)

33. Go Cubs Go 2003 Highlight Mix

34. Go Cubs Go

35. Harry comments on ball girl Marla Collins

36. The Sandberg game highlights

37. Harry “Who the hell are the Marlins?”

38. Hey Hey Hey, Go Cubs Go (WGN song)

39. Hey Hey Holy Mackeral (song)

40. It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame

41. Walker and Lee have back to back jacks

42. July 24, 2005 (Cubs vs. Cardinals)
* Neifi Perez hit’s a game winning grand slam at Busch Stadium

43. July 27, 2005

44. July 29, 2005
* Blanco homers
* Macias

45. June 7, 2003 (Cubs vs. Yankees)
* Karros

46.June 8, 2003
*Sammys 2000 base hit

47. June 10, 2005 (Red Sox vs. Cubs)

48. June 14, 2005
* Sergio Mitre pitches a 5 hitter in a 14-0 win over the Marlins

49. June 24, 2003
* Corey Patterson
* Sammy Sosa

50. June 25, 2006
* Ramirez hit’s a first inning grand slam

51. June 29, 2005
* Jeromy Burnitz

52. Kerry Woods 20K game highlights

53. Greg Maddux 3000 strikeout

54. May 7, 2004
* Zambrano has a 2 hit shut out

55.October 3, 2003 playoff game vs. Braves

56. October 5, 2003 playoff game vs. Braves

57. October 8, 2003

58. October 10, 2003

59. October 11, 2003
* Ramirez Grand Slam

60. Ryne Sandberg’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech

61. The Cubs retire Ron Santo’s number

62. September 4, 2003

63. September 14, 2004
* Corey Patterson hit’s a game winning home run into the basket with the help of the Wrigley Wind

64. September 16, 2004
* Aramis has a three homer day

65. September 22, 2004
* Sosa makes an unbelievable catch

66. September 27, one of the Division Clinching double header vs. Pirates

67. September 27, two clips

68. September 30, 2003
* Kerry Wood doubles in the playoffs

69. April 4, 2003
*Sosa hits career home run number 500

70. Walker’s Superman Slide into home to win the game

71. Harry sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame at the first night game.

72. The Cubs are gonna Do It (Song)

73. The Land of Wrigley (song)

74. Sandberg Home Run

75. 2001 WGN Cubs opening Song

76. 2003-2004 WGN Cubs opening Song

77. 2005 WGN Cubs Pregame Song

78. 2005 WGN Cubs Central Pregame

79. 1984 Clincher

80. Alou and Sammy go Back to Back

81. Comeback vs. the Reds with back to back jacks

82. Lee, Sosa, and Barrett go back to back to back, Sammy hit’s a grand slam

83. Corey Patterson wins the game

84. WGN Cubs song

85. Cubs vs. Atlanta Comeback

86. Cubs vs. Florida Comeback

87. Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Harry sings)

88. Cubbies are Rockin (song)

89. Cubbies clinch the playoffs in 1989 (Hugehes/Santo)

90. WGN opener

91. Finally Next Year

92. WGN Pregame opener 2

93. Go Cubs Go

94. Hey Hey Holy Mackeral

95. Harry calls a Jody Davis Grand Slam

96. Jump

97. Men in Blue
98. Nomar’s Cub Debut

99. Another WGN pregame song

100. Paul Bako’s homer

101. Sandberg is driving fans crazy (Harry)

102. Take me Out to the ballgame

103. Sandberg Game clips

104. Superbowl Shuffle

105. Walker’s Superman Slide

106. White Sox Sweep

107. WGN game opener

108. You’re My Cubs

109. 1984 Clincher

ryno4ever Jul 28th 2007 11:44 pm

I have added Soriano's a Cub, Andre's Army, and Wood and Prior (to the tune of Love and Marriage)

TheBenjamin Jul 29th 2007 9:51 am


Originally Posted by ryno4ever (Post 26600)
I have added Soriano's a Cub, Andre's Army, and Wood and Prior (to the tune of Love and Marriage)

ive got all those.....except the sandberg hof speech, ive also got tons more

Welcome to Cubbie Baseball
Talking baseball (Cubs)
Tinker to Evers to Chance
Come on Cubs
Wrigley Field
Land of Wrigley
Waveland Avenue
Dose Cubs can do it
Homer in the Gloamin
Hey hey, holy mackerel
When the Cubs go marching in
Harry Carry
Take me out to the ballgame
Lee Elia's rant
Go Cubs go
Here's to you, men in blue
Cubbies are rockin
Here come the Cubs
Cheer the Cubs
He's a hero (Andre Dawson)
Andre's army
Pat and Ron
You're my Cubs
Kerry mows them down
Sosa homerun chase
66 homers
Finally next year (1998)
Whose been at third since Santo
Cubbie Bubala
Come on lets play

Eyes if Cubbie blue
Get all puffy chested
2003 highlights
Summer of our lives
Bartman phone message
Ballad of Bartman
When the Cubs win the World Series
We are the Cub fans
Cub, Cubby, Cubbies
Cubby Chubby
Derek Lee
Lee's gonna hit a dong
Michael Barrett blues
Dusty Baker you must get fired
Soriano's a Cub
Wood and Prior
Cubbies win
Cubs are gonna do it, this is the year
Santa, I want a Cubbie pennant
(Why not us) Winning with the Cubs
Next year is here at last
Winning is more then not losing
There'll always be next year
My finest memory
World Series dreamin
A dying Cub fans last request
Post game

ones i just got

Cubs bad day (lowlights of 2006 season with had a bad day song)
Soriano chant
Homers from the Heart (ode to sosa)
The Curse of the Billy goat

SKIPPER 11 Jul 29th 2007 4:12 pm

Heather I would like to dedicate a song to our rivals the Brewers. See if you cant send a song by Glen Frey to the Brew Crews clubhouse. The song is titled " The Heat is On"

cubssuck Apr 1st 2008 11:26 pm

wait, where did you add these to? I want to download some

InfinitePulse Apr 2nd 2008 7:50 am

Is this the thing you upped last season Ben?

TheBenjamin Apr 2nd 2008 9:49 am

yup. ive got far too many songs

Bockstock Apr 10th 2008 8:35 am

Is "here comes the Cubs" the Beach Boys song that WGN used to play in the 80s and 90s before the radio broadcasts??

ryno4ever Apr 10th 2008 8:15 pm


Originally Posted by Bockstock (Post 48479)
Is "here comes the Cubs" the Beach Boys song that WGN used to play in the 80s and 90s before the radio broadcasts??

I may have that one.....

TheBenjamin Apr 15th 2008 7:16 pm

ive got it if you dont

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