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ryno4ever Jan 1st 2013 10:45 pm

So long, Peoria
Very sad on this end! I really enjoyed having the Cubs A team just right down the road. We were able to closely follow the kids' careers as they climbed the ladder. Many fell off the map, some moved on to other teams via trades, but there are a few that I almost feel like a proud mom seeing them succeed in the big leagues that I watched them start their careers at O'Bryan Field. (Darwin Barney really comes to mind on that one!) It is even a bit more painful that not only are they not the Cubs A team anymore, but they are the Cardinals team now! I LOVE that field, but I have a hard time paying for tickets that will go to help benefit the Cardinals organization.

My son had been a part of the Chiefs Kids Club since 2007. He was able to do things such as take batting practice with the team, pizza and ice cream parties with the team, private autograph sessions, he was able to be in the press box for an inning and announce the players over the PA as they came to the plate (one of the ones he got to announce was Brett Jackson, right after he got the call to Peoria!), he threw out the first pitch of the season in 2011 (a week after he threw out the first pitch at Wrigley for Opening Day! me, I had him pick some lotto numbers for me that week, but not so lucky then), and he was able to be the kid who said "play ball" before the start of a game where Kerry Wood was down there rehabbing. Thank you to the Chiefs organization for 6 years of wonderful memories for my son and my family, but my days of supporting your team are over. I can't support those redbirds in anyway :(

ChiCubs1984 Jan 2nd 2013 4:51 pm

Ahh think of it this way when the Chicago Cubs play a day game you can make it a day of it and see the Kane County Cougars at night =) I told my wife's grandpa which lives near Peoria great now I come down here I got to see a team that isn't going to be Cubs, there isn't a point to watch the game

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