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Bockstock May 18th 2009 9:01 pm

Prospect Update (hitters)
I thought an off day was a good as any to take a look at the cubs minor league teams so I'm sitting outside in Beautiful Boulder, co typing this up.


Josh Vitters is destroying the ball. He hit his 6th homerun today and he has been on fire the last week or so. Good to see a cubs top draft pick actually doing well. 352/385/541 Awesome!!!!

Ryan Flaherty is doing ok, but probably below average for a 22 y/o in Low A. Got off to a hot start and has cooled down. I think this is alittle bit of a disappointment. 245/350/415

Junior Lake is one of the cubs 3 young SS prospects and is doing ok (255/287/427)for the MWL which is generally very hitter unfriendly the first part of the season due to the late spring monsoons.

Josh Harrison (2b) is also doing well, but he's older and blocked by a couple of better players.


Starlin Castro - 19 y/o in high A doing great. He doesn't have alot of patience, but he's been on fire in May and his line is up to 299/302/422 in a very hitter-unfriendly league. He'll supplant Colvin in most people's top cubs position player prospect list. Speaking of which...

Colvin - another disappointing year for Wilken's wonderboy. His patience is better, but he's struggling in every other facet of the game and is battling injuries. I don't see how he'll be up at Tennessee.

Marwin Gonzalez/Jovan Rosa - two other decently regarded guys who are struggling their first year at High A.

West Tennessee

Tony Thomas - having a great year so far. He's probably up there with Vitters and Fox for best performance (345/430/612) If he keeps it up he could get a callup this year if Font keeps struggling.

Darwin Barney - I've seen him called the next Ryan Theriot, and he's doing the same thing as the current one, showing alot of power and a good eye (333/405/419)

Wellington Castillo/Steve Clevenger - Two catchers who have had reversal of fortunes. Castillo is struggling at the plate, while Clevenger (always regarded as being a good hitter) is doing very well.


Jake Fox - not much needs to be said about what this guy is doing right now

Brad Snyder - I have to admit, I hated keeping Snyder over PIe but he's put together a strong year so far with 12 hr and a .312 BA, although like Fox he is still older and playing in the hitter-friendly PCL.

Chris Robinson - another big suprise, came over from the Tigers in the Neifi Perez trade. Like the Freddy Bynum trade, chalk this up for a victory for Big Jim in getting anything useful for an extremely crappy player. It looks like he held onto Neifi's hatred of BB, with only 4 in 95 PA, but he's hitting 400 and is a highly-regarded defensive catcher.

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