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scuba Jan 11th 2007 5:23 pm

Beckham gets $250 million!!!

Holy crap! $50 mil/yr just to run around and kick a ball a few times! Where do I sign up! A-Rod is jealous of this guy! :p

DLee25 Jan 11th 2007 5:28 pm

sorry to offend anyone, i hate soccer. good for beckham, thats rediculous, and he is overpaid

VanMan Jan 11th 2007 7:33 pm

When I heard that on the Rome radio show this morning, I was flabergasted. $250 million? I was wondering the terms, but since they said it was five years, A-Rod's got to be jealous. However, I do think Beckham is worth the money, provided he a) increases the visibility, popularity and talent of MLS in both the world and American soccer scene and b) increases attendance at MLS matches and ratings on ESPN and ABC. I had a passing thought that Beckham's signing might be the biggest since Pele signed with the New York Cosmos in the old NASL.

HOLYCOW!25 Jan 11th 2007 8:26 pm

He may be past his prime, but then again, he's been playing in Europe for years, and most of the people in the MLS aren't up to the same calibar as European soccer players, so I think he'll definetly be able to show what he's got left in him here in the US.

I really do like soccer, so I love the fact that he's coming to the US, because it will definetly increase the popularity of soccer, and attract more fans. And since I'm getting half season tickets for the Chicago Fire this upcoming season, I'll probably get to see him play. If not, I'm getting tickets to a LA Galaxy game.

And if you think of how his $250 million deal is going, and compare it to other MLS players salaries, it's absolutly ridiculous. Imagine a baseball player getting a contract in the billions, and that's how much greater is contract is compared to other players. Landon Donovan only made $900,000 last year. And few players broke the 1 million mark. So it is ridiculous for them to spend that much on Beckham. But in the end, I do think it will be a good investment for LA Galaxy, and great for the MLS.

dundeecub Jan 11th 2007 9:26 pm

Hmmm. To put this deal in a soccer perspective: as far as I'm aware Ronaldinho makes the most per week (which is how we do things, it just is) at around $400k (much more than even most quality internationals), whereas Beckham is getting $500k if these numbers are true. To make a point, England's second most high profile player: Wayne Rooney, just signed a new contract for $170k/w so this is still silly money. I don't have the actual figures but I would wager that Beckhams wage will be close to the sum total of everyone else in the MLS put together (at least until other aging Euros go out - e.g. Edgar Davids). It would certainly pay for the entire professional game in Scotland (wahey!), which tbh, is just downright horrific.

These figures must include a whopping amount for image rights, which is effectively the only reason Real Madrid signed him in the first place: his following in Asia is unprecedented. The image rights proviso will also be how the adaptation of the salary cap (such is my understanding) will be circumvented.

As far as I can tell from what I've read, most people seem to be quite happy that he has gone to LA, and are only concerned about the money, but you can bet that the LA owners and MLS have done their figures and really think he will benefit the league in the hundreds of millions (it must be remembered what he will bring in in shirt sales in Asia, and he will). This has to be the key argument: they wouldn't have done it if the numbers didn't add up. The Anschutz group is about money (and HolyCow, being as how the Phil Anschutz owns the Fire too, I reckon he'll be in Chicago at some point).

It's certainly fair to say that Beckham's career is winding down, he was dropped from the England squad after the world cup, and has only started 3 games for Real this season. But I have no doubt he will benefit greatly from a step down in difficulty, his technical ability going forward is still world class: he has been worn down because he doesn't have a good enough all-round game anymore.

Economically and professionally, for MLS and Beckham, this may still be worth it.

Webgem Jan 11th 2007 10:03 pm

Makes So's contract look weak...:D :D

HOLYCOW!25 Jan 11th 2007 10:42 pm


Originally Posted by dundeecub (Post 6672)
These figures must include a whopping amount for image rights

Yea, I heard about 80% of the money is coming from advertisments.

bringbacktuffy Jan 12th 2007 2:19 am

The thing about the MLS is that the teams themselves dont actually pay the players, the league does. They have a revenue sharing system in place, which for the time being, i think is smart since many of the teams in the league couldnt survive on their own. This is more of a league investment to bring a bigger spotlight onto the league. Beckham is the worlds most recognizable and arguably at one time the most talented player in the world. Bringning Beckham here is a lure for other, more talented players to come here and shine and get Americans more interested in the game. There hasnt been a soccer player that has been a household name in this country since Pele, and look what that did for the Cosmos.

DLee25 Jan 12th 2007 12:21 pm

Beckham will make nearly $137,000 dollars a day, for five years.

HOLYCOW!25 Jan 12th 2007 4:08 pm

I actually just found out I'm getting season tickets this year, so I'm definetly seeing him. It's gonna be awesome.

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