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Bockstock Dec 9th 2011 12:02 pm

Cubs Moves
this is the first offseason in a long time where the Cubs have not been making moves to try and win, so its been interesting to follow. These are some of my thoughts:

1) Hoyer/Epstein do not value Cubs system as much as Hendry and Co., hence why Flaherty, LeMahieu, and Colvin are gone, and Hoyer's constant remarks about having to rebulid the farm first.

2) The Cubs are not trying to compete next year

3) Garza and either Marmol or Mashall will be traded based on #2, either now (probably Garza) or towards the deadline when idiot GMS overpay for relievers.

4) The Cubs are looking into buy low in guys like Stewart and DeJesus that maybe useful, cheap parts in 2-3 years on a competitive team

5) Z, Dempster both will be gone next year and there is alot of FA pitching (Cain, Hamels, Greinke, and others) so its not a bad idea to not sign guys like CJ wilson and Buerhle and save money you're gonna spend on pitching next offseason.

Banks Dec 9th 2011 2:53 pm

Good points, Bock... However, I do believe management is looking to compete next season. I agree that the Cubs will look to trade valuable players like Garza and Marmol... but that's only because they will take advantage of a desperate team, and get a bounty in return. A perfect example of this is the Rangers... the kind of team looking to make a reactionary move based on what their division rival, the Angels, have done this off-season. The Cubs will only trade Garza to a team with talented, young players... in a retrun that far exceeds what they gave up for Garza last season.

I believe the Cubs will sniff around on Fielder and Darvish... But I believe the Cubs will make their mark on the trade market, this season. Marc Trumbo is an interesting name to look at... so is Erving Santana. With many more young, talented players to be explored.

The Cubs will trade away some valuable pieces... but they will get plenty in return, and plenty to be a solid team next season!

LeeEila's/rant Dec 10th 2011 8:22 am

I'm sure that the new rules with drafting has much to do with the moves they will be making. They can't do the big money drafts any longer.

Banks Dec 12th 2011 2:19 pm

The last 6 days have brought about some very telling reasons as to why the Cubs will look to win the NL Central, next season...

Albert Pujols, the Cardinals best hitter as well as the best hitter in all of baseball, signed with the Angels. Pujols is now out of the division!

Ryan Braun, the Brewers best hitter as well as the NL MVP, just got caught using PEDs. That means Braun is out for 1/3 of the season, next year!

Prince Fielder, the Brewers great hitter and one of the most productive hitters in all of baseball, is not being pursued by the Brewers as a FA. Instead, the Cubs are hot on his trail! I'm not saying that the Cubs will attain Fielder, in the end...but they are in on him!

The divison is wide open!

The Cardinals have an aging pitcher(Carpenter), and a pither coming off of Tommy John surgey(Wainright) at the top of their rotation.

The Brewers lost a ton of offensive punch!

The Reds have no consistent pitching!

The Pirates are the Pirates...

The Astros are awful!

New management will look to make a winning impression during their inagural season... A wide open divison will further their motivation to do so!

ICcubfan Dec 15th 2011 9:40 am

Unless Prince starts eating like a pauper
I would not go within a 1000 miles of that fat POS because he is gonna break down.

Banks Dec 15th 2011 10:09 am


Originally Posted by ICcubfan (Post 80061)
I would not go within a 1000 miles of that fat POS because he is gonna break down.

I'm not sure what Fielder did to deserve to be called a POS... By all accounts, he's been referenced as a great teammated and seems like a good guy, while playing the game hard.

But I agree... I don't want Fielder. I'd much rather the Cubs went after a young, cheaper option... Kotchman... Gonzales... Trumbo...

ICcubfan Dec 15th 2011 11:27 am

POS maybe too harsh
Big shameless fatty is more accurate:D

cubbyfanforever Dec 17th 2011 9:10 am

We need to make some moves....Prince Fielder at 1st. base.

Bockstock Dec 18th 2011 9:01 am

I though Cincy was a good landing spot for Garza, but SD struck first.

People are speculating the Cubs could trade Garza to SD for one of Rizzo, Blanks, or Headley.

SkullKey Dec 18th 2011 1:36 pm

Recently I've been wondering who might play 1B for the Cubs if they think Fielder wants too much. We just don't know enough about LaHair, his Major League experience is lacking and he's already 27 (or so). Rizzo is very interesting especially from a Cubs point of view.

Just a while back we all were hoping the Cubs might upgrade at 1st by acquiring adrian Gonzalez from San Diego. Unfortunately the Boston Sox moved in and acquired him with a package that included Rizzo. Boston (with Epstein as GM) had acquired him in the 6th round of the June amateur Draft. Clearly Epstein is quite familiar with Rizzo and undoubtedly likes him. The GM for San Diego who acquired Rizzo in the trade with Boston was Jed Hoyer. Clearly Hoyer is well aware of Rizzo as well. Here's a quote from WikiPedia about Rizzo:
" ... On December 6, 2010, Rizzo was traded along with Casey Kelly, Reymond Fuentes, and Eric Patterson to the Padres for three-time All-Star first baseman Gonzalez.[5][6] Rizzo was considered the third best prospect (Kelly was #1) and the best power hitting prospect in the Red Sox organization .[7][8] Kevin Boles, Rizzo's manager at Salem, also previously managed Gonzalez in the minors. Boles said, "Rizzo reminds me a lot of Adrian Gonzalez ... Rizzo is a bigger kid and has a little more power, Adrian is a little more of a contact hitter, but they had very similar styles of play ... We thought very highly of Anthony Rizzo. He's going to be a heck of a player.'"[9] Padres General Manager Jed Hoyer expected either Rizzo or Kyle Blanks to eventually be the Padres major league starting first baseman. ... "

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Hoy-Stein trades for Rizzo again although I hope Garza is not included in the deal. Do you think it would take that much? What's san Diego's catchimng situation?

I would love to see Rizzo as a Cub

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