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Dascenzo Aug 21st 2013 12:32 pm

A House With No Foundation
Like most Cubs fans, I've endured every aspect of "the plan" over the last few seasons - which includes a lot of losing, and watching players who're better suited laying tarp down onto Wrigley Field during a rain delay, than playing on an everyday basis. As fans, we're consistently told to be, "patient" and that this is all a part of the, "process". But why should we be so patient when the Cubs play in a big market, and the team is purposefully losing - the front office, not the players. How can we trust this front office's international signings, when they have such a poor track record in that area? Finally, why do we have to wait until 2015 to be competitive - I hope Cubs' fans realize how bad we're going to be in 2014 - and 2016 to contend for the playoffs?

Who are the players in the majors whom we can boast about being future cogs of success? Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro used to carry that mantel but both have fallen on hard times. Castro's regression is particularly disappointing. Jeff Samardzija is another name being promoted as a remember of the Cubs' "future", but he's not an ace, and continues to be inconsistent. Finally, players like Bryant, Soler, Baez and Almora - the Cubs' top prospects - are bantered about. However as Cubs' fans, we've heard it all before with names like "Pie", "Patterson" and "Choi". Shoot, they even tried to sell us on Any Sisco. Besides, none of those names will be ready for 2014 and only Bryant might be ready for 2015. All the while, the Cubs lack a legitimate pitching prospect to hang their hat on.

Have you ever driven by a home without a foundation? Yeah, it's not very pretty. The Cubs are the trailer park of baseball foundations; we're in for a rough future of baseball!

jcubs69 Oct 5th 2013 3:35 pm

very well said...ugh.

Jason Nov 20th 2013 12:42 am

Yes... very well said.

ChiCubs1984 Dec 18th 2013 5:30 pm

Personally I've been all in with the re-build when it first came about but now I am starting to really wonder and worry. Is this team ever going to be competitive again? Does Theo and Jed really know what is going on with the farm? How is this new manager Rodriquez going to improve what I call a glorified AAA team? Is Ricketts going to open the purse strings with the Wrigley renovation still in limbo? (I doubt it). I been a Cub fan loyal for 30 years but I'm sitting here wondering. The Red Sox supposidly the "model franchise" the Cubs are looking to they have won now 3 World Series rings and the Cubs are no where close to one or even on the horizon. Maybe Theo better hire his buddy Ben Cherington. Maybe those 3 can put together a winnner.

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