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Originally Posted by LeeEila's/rant View Post
I gave the numbers for you , who does not understand what he sees . I saw with my own eyes that Pie sucked when he was here and never once backed off no matter what unqualified arrogance you tried to brow-beat me and everyone else here with.

This is a cartoon character you have here much like Wiley E. Coyote of Roadrunner fame , you keep insisting that you are a super-genius even as every post and prediction you utter is just another cannon ball landing on your high-peaked pinhead !

BEEP BEEP !!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ZOOM !!!
Who are you arguing against? Nobody thinks/ever thought that Pie was/is good. He's a 4th best!

But to fail to qulaify Fuld as a crappy hitter, and 4th outfielder... Casey as having an awful season, and being a really bad defender, is ignorance!
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