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Originally Posted by ryno4ever View Post
I have added Soriano's a Cub, Andre's Army, and Wood and Prior (to the tune of Love and Marriage)
ive got all those.....except the sandberg hof speech, ive also got tons more

Welcome to Cubbie Baseball
Talking baseball (Cubs)
Tinker to Evers to Chance
Come on Cubs
Wrigley Field
Land of Wrigley
Waveland Avenue
Dose Cubs can do it
Homer in the Gloamin
Hey hey, holy mackerel
When the Cubs go marching in
Harry Carry
Take me out to the ballgame
Lee Elia's rant
Go Cubs go
Here's to you, men in blue
Cubbies are rockin
Here come the Cubs
Cheer the Cubs
He's a hero (Andre Dawson)
Andre's army
Pat and Ron
You're my Cubs
Kerry mows them down
Sosa homerun chase
66 homers
Finally next year (1998)
Whose been at third since Santo
Cubbie Bubala
Come on lets play

Eyes if Cubbie blue
Get all puffy chested
2003 highlights
Summer of our lives
Bartman phone message
Ballad of Bartman
When the Cubs win the World Series
We are the Cub fans
Cub, Cubby, Cubbies
Cubby Chubby
Derek Lee
Lee's gonna hit a dong
Michael Barrett blues
Dusty Baker you must get fired
Soriano's a Cub
Wood and Prior
Cubbies win
Cubs are gonna do it, this is the year
Santa, I want a Cubbie pennant
(Why not us) Winning with the Cubs
Next year is here at last
Winning is more then not losing
There'll always be next year
My finest memory
World Series dreamin
A dying Cub fans last request
Post game

ones i just got

Cubs bad day (lowlights of 2006 season with had a bad day song)
Soriano chant
Homers from the Heart (ode to sosa)
The Curse of the Billy goat
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