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Originally Posted by bczar View Post
Hey, everyone. I have tickets available for a few Cubs games at Wrigley this summer. If any of you are interested send me a PM and I'll give you the dates and details. These tickets are being offered for FACE VALUE. All of the games are evening and weekend. First come, first served.
So, how long do we have to request tix? I only get to make it up to Chicago for about one game a year and since I got totally burned by the Cubs last year, I making them prove to me that they are worthy of my money from now on. Basically, I got tickets last year and it was for the game that they were beat 16-3 by the Brewers. I spent $150 on four bleacher seats and it was easily the worst game I have ever been to in my whole entire life and I have seen some bad ones. I have vowed to not spend anymore money on them (no tickets, no merchandise, no nothing) until I am convinced they are worth it. Most likely it will take the playoffs for me to spend my money on them again, but we'll just have to see. I will still root for them and wear the Cubs gear I have and still be a fan, but I have vowed to spend no more until that time to be determined. Hell, I wouldn't even let anyone buy me Cubs stuff for Christmas or my upcoming birthday. Hopefully, I will be able to discontinue my Cubs spending freeze this year around September, but will hold out until necessary.
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