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Nothing personal Bims but after the first couple sentences i stopped reading, it's the usual anti ND, short sighted analyse that we see everyday. For everytime you hear about ND, we hear 10 people talking rubbish about us, i just think people need to get a new topic to talk about. We are not the second most succcessfull football programme with high academic standards for nothing after all this is a COLLEGE football programme and academics are as important as the actual football, but ignore that and just look at the past 10 years thats fine, but over the years we get a little bit tired of people talking trash, it god old in the in early 90's and for me in the late 90's so now i have very little time for people who post exactly what you posted.
I don't think people are as anti Notre Dame as your making them out to be. I think Notre Dame people try to counter be called overrated with playing the victum. My point had nothing to do with academics. It was about the play on the field. What goes on behind the black curtain(money exchanging hands, the lowering of academic standars) goes in in every program. That includes Notre Dame. So the holier than though act gets old from Notre Dame people. On the field what has Notre Dame done? Notre Dame has not won a bowl game since the 1994 cotton bowl. That's 14 years ago! Notre Dame had some great years. But since 1977 they have won 1 national championship. I think people are just tired of Notre Dame being stuffed down our throats. They are not a top program in college football.
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