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Nothing personal against you Cubbie10. And I didn't read most of what you wrote because it's the usual ND grad retort. As soon as I saw you bring up Black athlete graduation numbers I knew you were reaching. This was about a football programs accomplishmentson the field. That's all. If we were going to count academic accomplishments then Vandy would get a ton of pub every year. But this was about the simple product on the field. So I don't care about ND and their continuous lowering of standards on their entrance for football players. Because even though ND will thump it's chest about holding its strict academic code even to great football players, it's simply BS and not true. So again I was just talking about on the field. And on the field ND has done nothing. ..... For the record once a recruit commits to ND their rating instantly goes up. Just like Duke in baseketball. So if a 3 start prospect commits to ND they get boosted to 4 star alot of the time. ..... Look what a program does in the past is great, and should be celebrated. But at some point you have to be held accountable for what you've done in the present time.
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