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It almost wasn't

Twenty-two years and one day after the Miami Dolphins upset the '85 Bears on Monday Night Football in the Orange Bowl, the Ravens were just 44 seconds from doing the same to the '07 Patriots at M&B Bank Stadium. [Howard Cosell]But no![/Howard Cosell] Tom Brady orchestrates a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter, helped out by fourth-down penalties and a Rex Ryan time out call before the Ravens apparently stopped the Pats on 4th and 1 on the Ravens 30, to get the touchdown pass to Javar Gaffney and win it, 27-24.

This is on the heels of last Sunday night's nailbiter in Foxboro against the Eagles. It seems the Eagles and Ravens have shown ways to beat the Pats, but Brady is always able to pull something out of his rear end and keep the perfect season alive.

Does this mean the Patriots are a team of destiny, or are they just delaying the inevitable '72 Dolphins' popping of the cork? The Pats still have the Steelers next week, the Jets in two weeks, followed by the 0-12 Dolphins and the Giants.
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