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Originally Posted by BigZ38 View Post
I hope they lose.....I hate Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady more than nebody....Bill is just trying to get back at the league for earlier in the year. If I was the other coach and he was up 42-10 on my team in the 4th quarter on 4th and goal and he went for it I wouldn't even go near him after the game. Belicheck running up the score to try and prove a point, That's classless.
IMO, I don't think you can run up the score in pro sports. I agree there are somethings you shouldn't do, but I have a real problem with old curmudgeons celebrating behind the bench of a team who has been busting their butt's to accomplish a pretty intimidating task. I just think it is low brow. That and I think Shula is a Toolbag. On the flip side Belicheck is too.
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