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Cubs Top Prospects by Position

I think this is about the time of year they start coming out with lists, so I'd throw my $.02 out there

Wellington Castillo(AA) - could be at AAA next year at the age of 21, kind of pulled a Soto this year and is already an excellent defensive catcher. Could be good trade bait.

Tony Thomas(A+)
Marquez Smith(A+)
Josh Harrison(A)
Some nice players, Marquez can play 3b too, nobody outstanding, more Hendry 2b-fetish I guess

Ryan Flaherty (R)
people think he'll move to 2b, which wouldn't suprise me (Hendry)

Josh Vitters(R)
Jovan Rosa(A)
Obviously Vitters is the cubs #1 prospect, hopefully he can have a big year at A. Either Rosa/Vitters might have to move to 1b.

Brandon Guyer(A)
Tyler Colvin(AA)
Kyler Burke(R)
Drew Rundle(R)
Dylan Johnston(A)
Guyer was probably the Cubs break-out player out of the year offensively. I think enough has been said about Colvin. Johnston had a good year after his injury and moving to the OF. Rundle and Burke need to step it up a notch, but they are still only 19/20. People at BA and BP love Guyer because he's toolsy, but I think cub fans have heard enough of those words to describe 'can't-miss' OF prospects (Patterson,Harvey, Colvin,Pie)

Shark (MLB)
Mitch Atkins(AAA)
Jay Jackson (A)
Chris Carpenter (R)
Aaron Schafer (R)
Rhee (A)
Nothing really solid except for Shark. Jay Jackson had a great half-year. The Cubs are expecting big things from Schafer and Carpenter. Ree was awesome before he went out with shoulder problems. Good numbers for a 19y/o in his first pro season at A.


Jose Ceda
Andrew Cashner
Obviously one of the Cubs strengths in the minor leagues, which is both good/bad. Alot of guys like Estrada, Parker, Blackford, McDaniel, are good, but I just listed the obvious 2, since minor league RP are even more suspect than other propects.

My top ten would be
Samardzija (I believe he still has prospect status)
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