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The problem in previous years is exactly what might happen this year... hot to start the season, cool down, medicore through the rest of the season, and then that's how they go into the playoffs. In '03, they made the push behind strong starting pitching, and this year they're doing it with the long ball... they're going to need to get smarter on the basepath, and more solid in the rotation... if Marshall can prove to be a guy they can depend on, then we're looking at something here, because I don't see Gallagher being the guy... I really wish that Hill could put it together, because even with all the comparisons between him and Marshall, he's simply just a better pitcher. They will need to make a trade to get a spark on this team, and they'll need to have everyone running on all cylinders. Zambrano's got to calm down, Lee's got to be more patient, as does Aramis, and we need guys like Cedeno and Fontenot to provide some speed... if Soriano can get back and stay healthy, he has the definite potential to be a WS MVP. He can run and he can hit... he will need to be the anchor of this team, along with Z, and they have a real chance to blow away some opponents in the playoffs. Their biggest challenge will be the AL if they play they way they're capable.
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