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Kris Allen wins AI !!!

I told my wife early on he had the best chance to win. There is a number of reasons , the main one being the winner has to be able to gain the votes of the people voted off. The same people vote all through the competition , so when someone like Megan Joy gets voted off her voters have to pick someone else to vote for and the one who is less polarizing will get those votes. The lack of " puff " by the judges made Kris more of a blank slate and able to gain those votes.
He is a very good singer. He has that easy effortless style , much like that of Dean Martin , it makes him a very attractive singer and pleasing to see perform. He has a nice smooth voice and will be marketable to many audiences. I look for him to be very successful , especially if has some good songs written for him. I would say light rock or blues in the likes of James Taylor or Van Morrison.
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