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Hall of Famers v. Non-Hall of Famers. Who wins?

Well according to ESPN, the Non-HOF's.

They simulated it 1,000 times, taking 25 of the best Hall of Famers (minus the greats like Babe Ruth to make it a little fair) and 25 of the best players who weren't in the Hall of Fame. The requirements for the Non-Hall of Famers were one of the following

• They received 25 percent of the vote at least once when they appeared on the writers' ballot.

• They are on baseball's ineligible list.

• They are first-time eligible players who aren't considered locks to be voted into the Hall this year.

And out of the 1,000 times they simulated it, the Non-Hall of Famers won it 529 times. I think it's very interesting.

And also, Ron Santo and Andre Dawson were both on the Non-HOF's
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