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Taking A Flyer In RF: Brad Snyder.

I wonder what this says about the Cubs opinion of Kosuke's future as RF starter? The Cubs, on 22 September 2008, claimed Brad Snyder off waivers form Cleveland. They think enough of his potential that they added him to the 40 man roster and apparently going to see if he can put it together for 2009.

Brad is a classic big, fast powerful kid with tremendous talents and a huge flaw. A classic Cubs prospect. He's listed at 6'3" and 200lbs. He has exceptional foot speed and a very good arm; he plays RF. His flaw is lack of contact and strikeouts. Here is the always very good Bob Sacramento's analysis:

" .....In other news the Cubs claimed Brad Snyder off of waivers from the Cleveland Indians and has stuck the lefty outfielder on the 40 man roster. The 2003 18th pick overall is out of options and must be protected, released, or exposed to waivers. If you donít know who Snyder is donít worry you are not alone, heís a 26 year old outfielder out of Ball State University. Coming into the 2003 draft though, Snyder was regard as one of the top outfield talents available (behind high schoolers Ryan Harvey, Delmon Young, Ryan Sweeney, Lastings Milledge, Chris Lubanski) and the top college outfielder (ahead of Matt Murton, Andre Either, David Murphy, and Carlos Quentin). At first Brad tore it up in the low level leagues; he was the Indians 8th best prospect in 2004, 4th best in 2005, 3rd best in 2006, and 8th best in 2007. Soon though his scouting report was out in that Brad was a poor hitter of advanced secondary pitches especially ones low and away. Snyder was once considered a legitimate five-tooler although that really hasnít clicked the way it was suppose to. His bat is still extremely powerful, his speed is exceptional, and he still plays great defense with a killer arm but his contact. His swing is long but is sweet and beautiful and he generates alot of bat speed. The biggest concerns surrounding Snyder are his plate discipline and contact skills. Snyder swings and misses ALOT, over the past several seasons heís development has been at a stalemate in that he just hasnít turned that corner on adjusting to his exposed weaknesses. In essence thatís a big reason why the Indians subjected him to waivers, that and they have plenty of prospects they would rather protect then a toolsy outfielder who just hasnít figured it out yet. The Cubs on the other hand have alot of dead weight on the 40 man roster that will be trimmed as well as departing free agents. As an organization, we are not that deep in outfield talent so we can afford to gamble on a prospect with all the tools that just hasnít sparked. ..... "

Well spoken as always Bob.

A big, fast, strong-armed lefty hitting RF for the Cubbies ?!? Here's wishing Brad all the success in the world. Stats:
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