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Originally Posted by Bims View Post
Kroeger is a career minor leaguer. Arizona gave him a shot and he wasn't very impressive. He also wasn't impressive enough for Philadelphia to keep him around. Kroeger is a AAAA player. Snyder hasn't been great in the minors. But he still has that natural talent. With his speed, pop, and defense he has a shot at making the team next season.
LOL ARizona gave him a shot when he was 22.

Kroeger's had much more succes at higher levels than Snyder and is younger. What exactly makes Kroeger a career minor leaguer and Snyder major league 'bench-material'??

Would you consider Hoffpauir a 'career minor leaguer when he put up a .663 OPS at iowa when he was 25??

Age - 25
2008 - AAA .887
2007 - AAA .812
AA 1.012

Snyder - 26
2008 - AAA ..723 OPS
2007 - AAA .803 OPS

I'm not exactly sure why Kroeger is sure-fire 'career minor leaguers' when he's put up better # than Snyder, including adjusted OPS, and has much better BB and K rates, which don't mean much in the majors, but are very indicative of a players future abilities in the majors.

IMO Snyder is more indicative of minor league filler (Doug Deeds, etc). This way the Cubs can have the oldest AA/AAA teams so they can continue to rack up AA and AAA championships.
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