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Originally Posted by TrueBlueCubFan View Post
Synder's a low risk, possible high reward type move. At worst, he's a AAA roster filler for 09'.

Look the Cardinals got LUCKY with Ryan Ludwick, maybe the Cubs can get lucky for once in the history of their organization.
Felix Pie, Jake Fox, Josh Kroeger...

These guys have all put up better numbers than Snyder and are at least the same age or a year or two younger. Fox's defense is suspect, but he has more pure power.

Snyder is 26 and still only slugged 420 and had almost a 5:1 K:BB ratio. If you're old for your level and your K:BB is that bad, chances are your best days are behind you.

We're probably arguing apples and oranges here, but we're talking about someone in Snyder who has a worse approach at the plate than Pie.
Whether it comes from [the media] or even comes from some fans, who are deservedly upset at a given point, it's really just noise. If we let it affect our decision making, shame on us
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