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Originally Posted by Bockstock View Post
Funny, people say the same things about Ryan Harvey.

Sorry, stats exist so we put a quantative value on phenomena that two people see differently. Besides they are the best predictor for future performance, not talk about tools or potentials.

I think his K:BB is the most important stat to look at. If he had consistent power it would be one thing. But he's struggling to make contact against AAA and doesn't really take alot of walks, combined with being old for his level with no power outside of a couple of seasons.

People are making Ryan Ludwick comparisons. Go to baseball reference or whatever and look at Ludwick's minor league numbers. He's consistently put up good numbers across the board, and probably should have been called up when he was with Texas.
Know one should be expecting Ryan Ludwick here. At most expect Angel Pagan. Will he make the team? Who knows. Does he have a shot? Sure.
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