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Not exactly a great group to choose from. The Cubs have too many prospects with tools(Defense, Athleticism) that just can't hit. Joshua Lansford is a very talented defensive 3B. He has a very strong arm with a good glove. He just can't hit for his life. At the age of 24 he has just 48 games of AA ball under his belt. ... Kyler Burke is a natural athlete with a cannon arm. But in A ball he barely hit above .200. He is just like a Colvin, Pie, and Harvey. ... Tony Thomas is a player who's MO was his ability to hit for average. He was also a top 10 prospect for the Cubs prior to this year. But this season all he did was strike out 113 times to just 34 walks. He's got some speed. But only hit .266 at A+. He's 22 years old and his window in closing fast. ... The Cubs system is full of players who aren't very well rounded. They don't have many prospects that can hit. Vitters is what the Cubs will hang their hat on. He has a ton of talent. And with Aramis at 3B for the next few years he has planty of time to develop. ... In the pitching department the Cubs don't have many starters to get excited about. James Russell could be a sleeper. He struggled at AA last season. But he's a lefty with a good changeup, and could develop as a pitcher. ... In the reliever department the Cubs have a good one in Jose Ceda. Thankfully the Cubs stopped trying to push him to be a starter. Andrew Cashner isn't as ready as the Cubs thought he would be. I think in Casey Lambert the Cubs have a sleeper. Casey is a lefty with a good curve. He also doesn't give up many homers. ... Lately the Cubs seem to be able to develop cathers. With Soto playing so well this past season at the major league level. Then Josh Donaldson being highly regarded and eventually traded in the Harden deal. The Cubs now have Wellington Castillo. Castillo is very good defensivly. And his offense continues to improve. He has a chance to be a starter in the majors. But with Soto around his future probably isn't with the Cubs.
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