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Its interesting to compare the two red sox rosters in 2004 and 2007.

2004 had almost no homegrown talent as major contributors, mainly Arroyo. 2007 had Pedroia, Youkilis, and Papelbon.

A number of moves were Matt Garza-like trades, such as Josh Beckett and David Ortiz, where Epstein traded prospects for players on small market teams entering their arbitration years and then locked them up to long-term contracts. Essentially he paid the price in a couple of prospects to obtain them when they were cheaper and then retained exclusive negotiating rights whent they became unrestricted free agents.

This is especially interesting because the Cubs seem to doing the opposite of those moves with Soto, Garza and Marmol now on the market offereing him up for a good prospect bundle in his last year or two of arbitration.

Until the moves start flying, I'm not sure anyone knows which direction Epstein is going to move.

We know a couple of things:
1) there won't be a hitter like Fielder on the market for a longtime as an unrestricted free agent
2) the pitching FA class next year has a lot of really good names
Whether it comes from [the media] or even comes from some fans, who are deservedly upset at a given point, it's really just noise. If we let it affect our decision making, shame on us
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