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Originally Posted by Sheffield_&_Waveland View Post
Quit wasting valuable time browsing to see whats here and sign up for an account so you can meet down to earth Cubs fans. This has been by far the best off-season I can remember so go create that acoount and join the discussion!! There's many benefits to this site above the others and if you have browsed the threads you can see that it still has small membership numbers and the discussions don't seem to go out of hand with bashing eachother. The biggest benefit is having an administrator like Scuba that serves us Jack and Cokes daily what more could you ask for? All he asks is that you help spread the word. Once you create your account stop by the introductions forum and tell us a little about yourself and then you can take a seat at the water cooler for general chat or hit the bleachers and let us know what your thoughts are on the Cubs line-up.
Whats up i found this thread just minutes after registering but it's still a good post nonetheless...well i found this site at the start of the winter meetings and i must say i'm very impressed. i've been searching for a long time for a decent cubs forum and this site was beyond any expectations.........
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