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This has been a continued theme for the past 3 weeks. I think it's silly. I know it is cause we are all passionate fans, but 2 years ago we bitched that all we did was hit home runs and lose. Now we bitch that we are winning but not hitting home runs. Granted, the long ball is fun, and yes it's a quick way to score runs. And most of all in the late innings, playing from behind, it is one of the most exciting things in baseball.

The Cubs are playing really good fundamental baseball since early June. They have been the hottest team in baseball by being the best team in baseball, not by pitching ok and getting lucky by hitting a couple home runs. They are pitching very well. grinding the other teams pitching down then making solid contact and running the bases intelligently, also something lacking from the previous teams years.

I understand the wanting for dramatics, but honestly I am impressed as hell at this team and the way they have been playing.
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