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Originally Posted by ChiCubs1984 View Post
Is it just me or is this White Sox thing about their World Series win 3 years ago getting annoying?? When I watched the Sox lose to the Twins, Ozzie says oh we won the World Series 3 years ago we know how to win. Even my buddy the Sox fan if I bring up how they sucked it up against the Twins his first response is well we won the World Series in 05. Now I know they won it who cares?? does the Cardinals say hey we lost this year but hey we won the World Series in '06?? Its just getting annoying. Take your trophy and shove it, maybe I am just bitter old Cubs fan.
Let's be honest here. Neither Chicago team really has all that much to brag about in most of our lifetimes. Unless there are any 90-year-olds posting here...

The Sox were the first one to the top of the mountain. That will never change.
Until one of the two teams wins it again, it's all either team really has.

Bulls fans still talk about the Jordan years.

Bears fans still desperately cling to the 85 Bears.

It happens...
Pizza is gonna send out for you!
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