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2. Albert Pujols chases big numbers — Talking about the possibility of big contract extensions for Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter and Joe Mauer will dominate 2010, but once King Albert reups with the Cards we'll again start gazing at his giant stat totals. The three-time NL MVP has already set a pace that will place him among the greatest hitters of all time and if he keeps it up, he'll pass 3,000 hits and maybe even 700 home runs by the end of 2019.
Yes, he is a Cardinal, but as a baseball fan, I have to respect what he does with and for the game. He is one of the best...and in my heart, I do believe he is "honest" about it. My dad is able to tell me how he grew up watching some of baseball's greatest players, I will be able to tell my kids/grandkids stories of watching Albert.
Baseball season's underway...
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