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Top Reasons why Fogpog is #1 Cubs Fan Site!

In the past couple of weeks, we have had many people join the board! Welcome to you all and we hope you join us often. After looking around the net, I have come up with some reasons why I think Fogpog is the best Cubs site.... feel free to add on, fellow Fogpoggers!

1. The members on here are the best fans with awesome thoughts, ideas, and feedback

2. Members respect each other's opinions, whether they agree with them or not. It isn't a playground or a contest to see who can come up with the best slam or comeback line!

3. The board is easy to use....

4. The members on Fogpog are quite diverse... men and women, "kids" of all ages, people from all over the world (yep, even as far as Scotland!) We even have quite a few who were around for numerous of the "heartbreakers"... '69, '84, '03, etc with many stories and experiences they share with us!

5. It's a great place to celebrate after wins, and a great "support group" when times are needed for that.

6. The arcade is pretty awesome... very competitve!

7. Did I mention there isn't childish name calling or rude comments?

8. Great gameday threads to chat with fellow fans during the games!

9. In less than a week, Fogpog went from #146 to #6 on the Top 100 Baseball Sites!

10. It is a site totally for the fans! You have found us, now help us keep growing! Can't wait to talk Cubbies with ya!

Feel free to add your reason why you think Fogpog is #1!
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