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Originally Posted by Zamby38 View Post
Yes, but their offense is going to have to improve.
There defense is great, but that has room for improvements too.
Since that Arizona game, the Bears have not been the same and almost losing 5 in a row. Mike Brown was a huge loss in the safety position.
I wouldnt mind seeing the bears in the SuperBowl.
then a championship will be brought to chicago in '07,
make that TWO championships!
Disagree on everything you just said except the mike brown part.

1. Why do we have to improve offense when we have the #1 Defense in the league?
2. Defense is great, all I am going to say, maybe a little improvements but still #1.
3. 5 in a row, alls i have to do is laugh.
4. Agree
5. Agree
6. Agree
7. Agree
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