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The team they have now is still the best chance to win next year considering all other situations and circumstances.
It all comes down to our outfield production. It has been a combo-platter of all three , Bradley's slow start , Fukudome's stops and starts and Soriano's just plain sucking in everything. Bradley should be what he has always been next year. Who knows with Fukudome he may just keep improving and be better. Soriano , who the hell knows ? I think he sucks and offends every bit of my baseball sensibilities. We have to come up with power somewhere else if we don't have it in the outfield.

Last year we had Soto , Fontenot and Edmonds that made up for the power hitting outfield position we were lacking.

Like I said in an earlier post , there are so many question that need to be answered. I am damn glad I am not the GM.
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