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Originally Posted by ICcubfan View Post
we don't need to even entertain another albatross contract. Build this thing right with kids. We have waited 104 years I am prepared to wait another 5 and sustain a winning formula FINALLY!
Basicly with the new CBA it will be impossible to do what the Rays have done the last 5-6 years with multiple compensation picks and such.

The Cubs have maybe one minor leaguer who is projected as an everyday player right now the next 2-3 years (jackson), maybe two in Castillo and not top of the rotation starters except for maybe Cashner if he can ever throw more than 150 innings.

Yes, you build a foundation for longterm success by having a succesful farm system. But you win championships and compete year in and out with the right combination of Free agents, trade acquisitions, and fill in the gaps with young, cheap talent.

I don't think people realize how rare it is to be able to sign a young, elite hitter entering his prime years to a long-term deal. There is a HUGE difference between signing a 27 year old and 31 year old to 8-year deals. A balanced approach is what is needed, that and a front office that understands sample size and the new baseball economics. This is like an opportunity to sign Greg Maddux entering his prime in 1992. Teams are locking up hitters more in their prime years like Braun, Kemp, and Longoria. Simply put, with the small market teams trying to lock up their hitters through their arbitration years, there is simply no way of knowing when the next big hitter is going to become available. Additionally, if we're going to invest in the farm system, I'd rather just pay a player than have to trade for him at the deadline with top prospects and pay him and extension like Theo and the Red Sox just did to acquire Adrain Gonzalez and lock him up for an extension.
Whether it comes from [the media] or even comes from some fans, who are deservedly upset at a given point, it's really just noise. If we let it affect our decision making, shame on us
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