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Originally Posted by champsx5 View Post
I'm feeling a little queezy. It looks like Bedard is going to Seattle pending Angelos' approval. And what really makes me sick is Santana going to the Mets. I realize that the Mets are in a different division, but how can the Cubs let the Mets get him? 4 prospects. Don't the Cubs have 4 prospects to offer? I say this because of another issue...Brian Roberts.

According to Steve Stone on the SCORE last Thursday, McPhail is asking for 5 or 6 guys for Roberts. He said that they would get close to a 5 for 2 (Bedard would be involved) and then McPhail would say...well if you add... So I don't know if Roberts will become a CUB. So we are stuck with Alfonso "Don't make me take a pitch" Soriano at the top of the order. Despite adding Fukodome, the offense isn't much better.
I personally feel like the deal that the Twins took caught everyone off guard. I don't think they had any intention of sending Santana to a AL team. The $ is a big deal but maybe Hendry saw what was being offered by the Sox and Yanks and figured what is the point. The trade hopefully makes the Mariners feel stupid cause the prospects that are proposed in their trade for Bedard are, to many, superior to those given up by the Mets for SAntana. At this point I really hope Hendry just stops dealing with the Orioles cause I no longer see the vast difference it is going to make in the lineup. I would rather him try to work a deal for Kahlil Greene and keep Derosa at 2nd. I see Greene as a much bigger upgrade over Theriot than I do Roberts over Derosa. On top of that Towers doesn't have his head up his A$$ nearly as far as McFail and Angelos.
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