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Originally Posted by LeeEila's/rant View Post
I tried telling you all he was a number 3 pitcher . He is just like Zambrano . He gets excited and over throws pitches , throws fastballs in the wrong counts , refuses to drop in a change up or curve , he is a pain in the ass pitcher.
You didn't have to tell me, I was happy going into the season with Z/Dempster/Wells/Gorz/Cashner.

I always said this is a 2-3 win improvement to a 75-80 win team, and I doubted Garza's success would translate to the NL Central for a variety of reasons, including being a flyball pitcher in a pithers park to playing in a hitters park and a division of hitter parks, and pitching in front of a far worse defense than he did in Tampa Bay.

That being said, his peripherals are still very good, so he has a good chance to turn things around.
Whether it comes from [the media] or even comes from some fans, who are deservedly upset at a given point, it's really just noise. If we let it affect our decision making, shame on us
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