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You know what i get sick of Bims? people moaning like little girls who have had there barbie taken away from them. People act like it's our fault that we are mentioned everywhere, and just for the record Bims, when we are mentioned in the national media we are ridiculed and berated, so all of us would rather we were just ignored, one thing i will agree with you on is that we have done nothing lately, we have yet to win a bowl in the 2000's, we could win a bowl this year, although it won't be a prestigous bowl, 2010 is when we will be challenging. Our recruits are not over hyped, they are all ranked and analysed before they commit to ND, if they don't plan out it's not because they received special ranking treatment because they were at ND, it's simply because not everything go's to plan, whether it be players moving from high school to College or from College to the NFL, case in point Alex Smtih. NBC offered us a deal, what were we to do? say no thankyou, take your millions of dollars we will satisfy everyone and not have our games broadcast? and not put our school in a advanced financial situation which will enable us to further our advanced research not only on football but world affairs as well. At some point people are going to have to grow a pair and get over the fact that we are a worldwide popular programme, not just for our football, but because of our academics as well. Let me know Bims, what % of there student atheltes (especially black student athletes) do most Division 1 schools graduate? and what % of there student athletes do Notre Dame graduate?, we are among the top tiered schools with Clemson and Northwestern at Graduating our athletes......., between 1995-1998 we graduated 98% of our scolarship athletes, at the same time the Division 1 average was 54% (Black atheletes graduating) and 76% (white athletes) I think you will find its a massive difference, we take care of our players, we offer them the oppurtunity to ready themselves for life after college, not all 80 odd players will be going to the NFl, we need to make sure that they have a path after college, and thats exactly what we do, we have high entrance standards, academically respected by national businesses, so we are not always going to be able to compete, some of the best athletes are just that because there studies come a very distant second, so maybe we have not been the best but we are one of the best schools for STUDENT-athletes, and we deserve that reognition. We have a national following we have to schedule different teams, teams wan't to play us, this years schedule is not the best but after a 4-12 season and a young team, what do you expct, joining a conference would not be a sound business move. Trying to maintain a storied programme like we have you need to make the right business moves, as a conference team we would have to share TV rights and Bowl money, it makes absolutely no sense at all, we have historic rivalries that would be in danger of dissapearing if we joined a conference, We are not always in control of our schedule either, we schedule the likes of Michigan and USC and Stanford, Boston College years in advance, we are commited to playing Michigan through 2016, is it our fault that there programme sucks this year? Also for your information we are notorious for having a hard schedule, our schedule was ranked 7th in terms of difficulty in the 2000's, eighth in the 1990's and the most difficult collective schedule in the 1980's. Tradition matters, and the uninformed opinions of media junkies do not.

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