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I bring up this topic on the heels of another weak Notre Dame team. I'm simply expressing being tired of the overrated Notre Dame football program. Me expressing that does no harm nor does it further the popularity of Notre Dame. ..... Please save your quotes telling us how hard it is for players to get into Notre Dame. It's BS. I'm sure I can find quotes from Hitler telling us how he would never oppress one indivual race(relax waveland). Notre Dame is a PR machine. But make no mistake about it they lower their standards for the right recruits. The only programs who are true to their academic standards in Division 1A are Vandy and Northwestern. ..... Yes we know why NBC keeps Notre Dame under contract. And that's exactly the point. Because they WERE a good football program. ..... You gotta love how Notre Dame is allowed to stay out of a conference as well. Talk about a BS advantage. ..... Look I get that you're a grad and you're coming from a totally biased view point. But lets stop swirling in and out from the truth. It's terribly weak for anyone to go with the whole " Notre Dame is less competitive because of their high academic standards" BS excuse. It's just not toally true. Notre Dame does have high standards at the face. But deeper not so much. Students might have those high GPA's/class rankings based on the crappy schools they go too, but not the ACT's to match. The SEC for the most part does have terribly low standards. Heck so do alot of schools. But lets stop thinking Notre Dame's is soooo much higher. Lets be honest about this and just admit that Notre Dame is not very competitive anymore because of the Coaches that they have brought in. One last giant factor is that Notre Dame just isn't tough/physical.
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