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Originally Posted by Cubbies10 View Post
I won't post in this thread again, i think your reasoning is pathetic, your argument is pathetic and the fact you even made a thread to talk about a programe you don't like is pathetic. So moving on
So we can only post about things that we like? We can only express ourselves about things we enjoy? That would be a real crappy way to live life. ..... I think we both know my argument is very fair. And my reasoning is very solid. I'm just not sure you can give a good retort to most of what I said. So instead of making an attempt, you question the validity of the topic at hand. That's a quick out into having to say anthing with substance. No biggy. I wasn't being personal. I was just posing a question/expressing a view. But I'm always very open to hearing the other side of the story.
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