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Norte Dame with yet another tough matchup today. They will be facing the very scary 0-6 Washington Huskies. Unfortunately Norte Dame will make a bowl game this season on the tails of yet another weak schedule. They have 4 wins this season. Those wins are against San Diego St(1-6), Michigan(2-5), Purdue(2-5), and Stanford(4-4). Notre Dame has yet to face a good team. The only team on Norte Dame's schedule that's actually a good college football team is USC. Norte Dame is always good at putting teams they try and convince us are solid on their schedule. But in reality those teams are solid at best. I don't care what Pittsburgh is ranked. They are a mediocre team in a mediocre conference. Boston College is another team from a less than stellar conference who is overachieving. Boston College is not a good team. In Norte Dame's 2 loses they lost to solid teams at best. Neither a good team. North Carolina is up and down. Michigan St. is a solid team in a weak conference. So the 2 teams that are solid Notre Dame couldn't even beat. ..... I know these games are scheduled in advance. But have some balls Notre Dame! Start scheduling teams in the Big 12 or the SEC. Start playing real football programs! Stop hiding behind the armed forces teams, Boston College, and gimmie wins. While teams like Texas, LSU, and USC play real games during the season. Norte Dame is able to play Syracuse, Navy, and every other weak opponet to get cheap wins. College football has plenty of unfair aspects to it: The Big 10 and Pac 10 not having to play conference championship games while much tougher conferences like the Big 12 and SEC do. The weak non conference games that Big 10 and Pac 10 teams are allowed to play, yet still be ranked highly in the standings. Seriously who has Penn St. played? And Notre Dame being allowed to stay out of a conference and avoid both a conference championship game, and manditory tough conference games. When it comes down to it the only good football teams who play tough competition every week are in the Sec and Big 12. Teams like Notre Dame, Penn St., Ohio St., Minnesota, or Northwestern wouldn't be a top 4 team in either conference!
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