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LMAO !!! Come on Bims you have to make up crap . Compare my predictions to yours . Your trade ideas are like your predictions , completely sophomoric with no footing in reality. Trade values of Pena and Ramirez LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Look through my post and you will see where I was right on most from Lou to who was going to be next.

I am content to post my opinions and take other opinions as just that opinions . Not you you MUST make everyone an idiot and you some type of genius. Your sig says it all and it is such an ironic joke that with each post it hangs like a comic sign .

I am still waiting for a post from you that educates.

You must be some colossal miss fit with sever acne and no friends , to invent this personality and try to bully others into taking you seriously. I bet when you are referred to by others the word " freak " is often in the conversation , along with a shudder of the shoulders .
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