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Top of 3rd: St. Louis
-K. Greene walks
-B. Barden walks, Greene to second
-K. Lohse bunts in the air to Ramirez, runners have to hold
-S. Shumaker singles to left, Greene scores, Barden to second
-R. Ankiel strikes out swinging
-A. Pujols (2 out, 2 on)...full count, crowd gets it their feet..... runners go... and he walks to load the bases
Rothschild visits the mound...
-R. Ludwick singles to center Barden scores, Shumaker scores Pujols to third
Demp has over 30 pitches this inning, Guzman is warming up in the pen
-C. Duncan walks to load the bases up again
-Y. Molina (9th man to bat)... grounds out to second

4 walks..... ugh

3 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors
St. Louis 3, Chi Cubs 0

Baseball season's underway...
So you'd better get ready for a brand new day
Hey Chicago whattya say?
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