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2011 Chicago Cubs Predictions

Revisionist history is far too simple of an alibi. Predicting future outcomes is much more genuine, no matter how incorrect. Besides, it will be funny to look back and see how wrong our predictions were!

Ryan Dempster finishes the season with an ERA over 4 and a WHIP over 1.35

Matt Garza K's over 150 batters, has a whip under 1.3 and and ERA under 3.50

Carlos Zambrano starts less than 20 games

Andrew Cashner finishes the season with an ERA under 4 and a whip under 1.3

Sean Marshall finishes with a whip over 1.4 and an ERA over 3.75

Kerry Wood avoids the DL all season

Marcos Mateo is back in the minors by May

Jeff Samardzija finishes the season with an ERA under 4, and starts a bunch of games

Scott Maine and Robert Coello will be in the pen, by seasons end

Max Ramirez will contribute at 1B/C

The Cubs release Koyie Hill

Alfonso Soriano hits more than 30 home runs, hits over .275 and SLG's over .475

Kosuke Fukudome has his best season with the Cubs. He hits over .285, has an OBP over .380 and SLG's over .470.

Starlin Castro takes a step back, hits under .280, SLG's under .420 and has an OBP of less than .330.

The Cubs make a mid-season trade for a 2B

Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena have bounce back seasons. Ramirez hits more than 30 homers, has over 100 RBI, SLG's over .480 and plays in over 148 games. Pena hits over .250, hits over 30 homers and has an OBP over .340.

Geovany Soto finishes the season batting 4th or 5th

The Cubs win over 85 games
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