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World Baseball Classic

It's back! Still not sure why, though. Although I do appreciate that it gives us baseball a bit sooner than we would have, I just don't see benefits, other than a way to put money in MLB's pocket (if that's even where it goes!). I just don't like the fact it takes the players who take part in it away from their team in Spring Training, where the players are supposed to be working to come together as a team. Not only that, but it also adds injury risk to the players who are playing!

Let's say Anthony Rizzo plays for Italy (which I haven't heard if he is for sure or not), but for the sake of the argument I'm trying to make, let's say he plays for Italy, he gets hit in the wrist by a pitch and breaks his wrist. I'm flat out going to be pissed! It's a pointless series.

So, Mr. Selig, please consider doing away with this World Baseball Classic and let our boys play for the team they represent, not the country their last name represents. Thank you.
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