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If you don't want to hear about ND, then don't go round starting topics about how overated we are etc we don't have a say on when the media covers us and when they don't, we don't vote in the polls, so if anything write to the likes of MNSBC and Fox and every other media outlet to complain. I'm putting to you that it's a college programme, so on field has everything to do with off field, and if you can't understand that, there is very little point talking to you about it. Talk about pro teams that are rubbish because that is a isolated programme. We still have some of the toughest standards, and we are not loweing them as much as other schools are, the arguent for lowering entrance has been going on for over 30 years, Ara Parseghian coached when lowering standards were demanded between 1964 and 1974, and they were rejected and we won 2 national titles, if you think that we are loweing our standards like the teams in the SEC you are amazingly deluded or have been reading too much ESPN, we have a limited number of proposition players, in fact i think we are allowed 2 players, so whilst we may not win as often as we once did, it's because of these standards. How many programmes can boast our academic pedigree with a storied football history, teams with the better SAT's like Stanford and Northwestern don't have football programme to match, keeping the balance between academics and athletic success is a very hard task, ND is a beacon of light in a ever increasing NCAA mockery institution that brings in players to play there years of eligiblity and then dumps them on the sideline when they are finished, you mention the SEC, is it any wonder that there rise to prominence as one of the best conferences in college football has come at the same time that they have lowered there admission standards to the NCAA minimum? So don't say that success on the field has nothing to do with Academcs, because it is the worst argument i think i have ever heard, and i have heard some bad ones, no offense, it has everything to do with it. I would rather us keep our programme the way it is than lower to the SEC standards and win every year. Tim Brown said this a year or so ago:

"I've asked kids why don't they consider Notre Dame, and they say it's too tough. The kids these days are just looking for the easy way. If Notre Dame doesn't win games because they don't lower their standards, I can live with that. But to lower your standards just to win football games is a wrong decision"
And that's fine, we have won with our standards before and we will win again

"Notre Dame continually resists becoming a full-fledged member of intercollegiate athletics' mainstream. It still requires math and foreign languages for admission, and it does not offer majors that contain words like "leisure" and "recreation." It does not recruit from junior colleges, does not provide football dormitories or special training tables. It does not allow booster clubs or independent fund-raising by the Athletic Department. It expects any revenue surplus from athletics to be available for academic purposes" Notre Dame also ranks sixth in the percentage of its students who study abroad. Its graduation rate is among the top 5 in the country and its alumni are celebrated for their loyalty.Notre Dame is one of just five universities to rank consistently both in the top 25 in the U.S. News & World Report survey of America's best colleges and the Sears Directors Cup standings of the best overall athletic programs.
NBC have us because we are a storied franchise and one with certain standards that demonstrate everything that is great about a college football programme. It peple didn't try to undermine the programe so much then people would not have to highlight why it stands above many others. So if you are sick of hearing about it stop talkign trash on it.

Not that i expect you will read any of the above, but it was important

I have a good friend, who i have known for many years and i quote him now:

"I can't stand ND, not because of there programe just because of the attention they get, i will admit that it is jealousy, i think other programes should get the same treatment. However as much as i hate them, i respect them, they can't be held accountable for the media, i like the fans, i like the tradition, but the media paints them in such a negative light with there over attention that i take a dislike for them, more schools should be like Notre Dame, and they should receive the same treatment"
I couldn't agree more with this, he doesn't like ND, and he reminds me about it every single day, but he has a enlightened view, and i can respect that.
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