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Old Aug 22nd 2007, 12:50 am
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Originally Posted by ryno4ever View Post
That's one hell of a resume!!
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Old Aug 22nd 2007, 12:59 am
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DeJesus broke into the Majors with the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1974-1976. He played for the Cubs from 1977-1981. After the 1981 season, Chicago traded the right-handed batter to the Philadelphia Phillies for Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa.
And look, we have both DeJesus and Sandberg in the Cubs system now! The best ones always come back home.
Baseball season's underway...
So you'd better get ready for a brand new day
Hey Chicago whattya say?
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Old Aug 28th 2007, 5:02 am
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I always liked the energy that DeJesus brought to the field every day. He and Manny Trillo made a very good double play combination. I remember a game where DeJesus went 6 for 6. He was re-united with Trillo when Dallas Green traded him for Larry Bowa, and Ryne Sandberg was a "throw in", in that deal. That kind of eases the pain of the Brock for Broglia trade years before. I found myself saying: "what if" as I watched Brock become the best base stealer of his time. DeJesus was also involved in the deal with the Dodgers that brought Bill Buckner to the Cubs.
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Old Aug 30th 2007, 7:45 pm
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May I suggest as a bit of Cubs ignored history: Hiram Bithorn.

No doubt you fans recall just a few years when the Montreal Expos / Washington Nationals were wandering about the Major League cosmos looking for a home they played many games in Puerto Rico at the Puerto Rican National Ballpark: a.k.a.: Hiram Bithorn Stadium. Who or what is Hiram Bithorn ?

Hiram Bithorn is not a "what" but a human being; specifically a young man who pitched for the Chicago Cubs back in the 1940's. A right-hander. Decently good with a dramatic - pre-Juan Marichal - extremely high leg kick. His claim-to-fame is that he was the 1st Puerto Rican (and Latino / Carribean) to play in the American major leagues: with the Chicago Cubs!! He established history.

I think it could be argued that it was actually Hiram Bithorn, not Jackie Robinson (to take nothing away from Robinson) who broke baseball's "color barrier" (but then there is Jim Thorpe). I recall reading at one time that Bithorn's positive experiences actually inspired Branch Rickey to introduce Robinson into the most American of all institutions - changing history. I wonder if that is true?

A couple of years back, when the Expos / Nats were playing in Puerto Rico I had a part-time job and the manager I worked for was of P.R. heritage. We got to talking about baseball and he informed me that Bithorn was very much a national hero in the P.R. and his family. His grandmother had his picture on her wall in her living room; he never understood why. He thanked me for informing him as to Bithorn's international significance. And, of course, the national ball park is named after him. He is a man of no insignificance in Puerto Rico although (apparently) younger "Ricans" have little knowledge of his relevance to history; especially in America. Neither do the vast majority of baseball fans.

The man Hiram Bithorn should be better known to all Cubs fans and to baseball fans in general,

There is much more to read and learn about Hiram. His is, to my mind a fascinating baseball and Cubs story and a very real and important part of baseball's, and the Cubs history..


Next ..... if I dare: A speculation into, and remembrence about the notorious "Brock for Broglio" fiasco. A look at dishonesty by "Bing" Devine and the St Louis Cardinals in an era when "a man's word was his bond" : lose your honor / credibility / reputation and you have lost everything. [Talk to an "old-timer" (over 50 or so) about that very different era - a much regrettably lost America.] Memories and investigations into the swindle / trade that prompted the instigation of Major league Baseball's "damaged goods" rules and changed they way baseball teams did business. I speculate a very dis-honorable period for the Cardinals. (Shortly after the trade no less than Branch Rickey suggested to Mr Busch that he needed to "clean house" and everyone except manager Johnny Keane was fired. This after creating the first World Series Championship team for St Louie in 18 years.)


" ..... "I knew I had arm problems. Nowadays, they'd have you go in and get checked out by a doctor before making a trade, [I wonder why] but that wasn't how things were done back then [back then, in a better era, a man's word was his "bond"]. The Cardinals knew. ..... "

" ..... They were keeping it quiet
..... "

" ... They thought they were getting away with something. ... "

That's Ernie Broglio talking.
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Old Aug 30th 2007, 10:26 pm
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That's awesome, Skullkey! I have learned something new today!
Baseball season's underway...
So you'd better get ready for a brand new day
Hey Chicago whattya say?
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Old Sep 28th 2007, 5:41 am
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Since Rick Monday was mentioned it jogged this memory. 1976, Rick Monday is in Center field for the Cubs. 2 a** h***** get onto the field and try to burn an American flag.

Here's the video
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Old Oct 17th 2007, 11:12 am
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When I was in the military in the 80's, I cam ehome for the holidays. It was '86 or '87. Maybe it was earlier. I was at Town and Country Service Merchandise. I was doing some Christmas shopping. I walked by a bookstore there and who was there signing his book, "Thanks For Listening," but Jack Brickhouse. I went in and thought the book would be a great present for my father. It wasn't real busy. I had Brick all to myself.

So I presented the book to him and told him how much I missed him in the booth. I told him that Harry was fine, but I grew up with Him as the voice of the Cubs. He told me he appresciated the sentiments but that he just got tired of living out of a suitcase. He also hinted, thought he didn't come out and say it, that he missed his daughter growing up and he wanted to do it right this time. I told him the book would be a present to my father. I then told him when myu father was a young man, he drove a cab and that my father had picked him up from Wrigley on a number of occasions. I told him that Banks was my dad's favorite player. And Brick replied, "I think he's everyone's favorite."

He inscribed on the inside cover,
'To Bob
From one Cub diehard to another

I thanked him for his time and left. As I left and got into my car, I realized that I didn't remember to tell Jack my father's name, Robert, let alone that he went by Bob. Brick couldn't have possibly remembered an insigificant cab driver some 25-30 years ago when he interviewed guys like Robinson, Mays and Aaron. Maybe I did tell him. But that meeting culminated some 15 years of being a Cubs fan (at that time) Okay, so I was probably born a Cub fan, so then it would be about 20 years. I thought of his call of Willie Smith's 1969 opening day walkoff homer against the Phillies. No hitters by Holtzman, Hooton and Pappas. A certain Cub outfielder who was known to hide a few baseballs in the ivy. I still looked at the Cubs through a child's eyes back then. Even theough the snow was falling, I was looking forward to the start of the next season, the Cubs have a chance...This year, they can really get to the world series....This year....

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