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Old Aug 12th 2009, 1:17 pm
SenseCommon SenseCommon is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 27
Steroids/PED's in Baseball

Fans of baseball are going to have to come to terms with the fact that from the mid to late 80's through the early 00's most players in baseball used PED's. Shoot, many still do since HGH is hard to test for. But I'm tired of the players who get caught using PED's being treated like kid-toucher's! Everyone wants to see these guys gravel and apologize to no end. And for what? This is a direct result of "the average Joe" wanting to see the mighty fall(as long as it's not someone from their team). It gets very old. And please, enough with the "what will the kids think" BS. If "the kids" are following the lead of baseball players, then they have some really messed up parents!

Should players from "The Steroid Era" be compared to players from other era's differently? Yes. Just like players from all era's need to be judged in the context of the times in which they played. From the dead ball era, to the times when parks were bigger, to when the mound was raised, and when travel was tougher, to when only whites played, up until now "the steroid era". The times define baseball players just as much as their individual skills do.

Should players who used PED's be allowed into the baseball HOF? Yes. We need to stop treating these guys like diseased jerks, and see them for what they really were. They were guys who did whatever it took to become better at their jobs, and in some cases simply did it to keep their jobs. That's something we all would do. I mean these guys weren't selling secrets to Bin Laden. They were just trying to become better baseball players!

Besides, where's the line of acceptable cheating start and end? Cheating and baseball/sports go hand in hand. From Willie Mays using uppers to get an energy boost for games. Craig Nettles hitting with super balls in his bat. Players stealing signs from the opposing teams catcher, and relaying it to their teammates. And every pitcher from the past spitting on/scuffing the baseball before he throws a pitch, or every hitter using a ton of pine tar/corking his bat before he hits. It's all cheating!

PED's are just another spoke in the wheel of baseball. Their isn't one player in baseball who would surprise me as a PED user. That's just how it is. In the end these guys still have to throw the ball past guys trying to hit it, and hit a ball against guys trying to throw it past them. Which is still the toughest thing to do in all of sports!

So baseball fans, please stop overreacting to PED users being caught. You are being trained to react like that by the media. Grow a pair and really think about how over-dramatic this all is!
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Old Aug 12th 2009, 7:17 pm
Bockstock's Avatar
Bockstock Bockstock is offline
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Personally I can't stand people who whine either way about the issue.

You can't ignore that it appears they were pushed by front offices and trainers across the league and they aren't the ones being punished.
Whether it comes from [the media] or even comes from some fans, who are deservedly upset at a given point, it's really just noise. If we let it affect our decision making, shame on us
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